Final Messages from Club Penguin Staff

Hi everyone,

On December 20th, Club Penguin Island sadly closed, marking an end to the official franchise. Since then, effort has been invested into cruelly wiping every trace of its legacy online, from the YouTube channel being deleted to social media accounts disappearing.

Despite this, the people who actually made Club Penguin the magical island it was have all shared some inspiring messages of all the things which both the community and Club Penguin have achieved. I wanted to share them with you, in case you missed them. They’re a compilation of messages due to the closure, both from the last few days and from when it was first announced.

Thank you for the memories, friends. These last few years of meet-ups, parties, and adventures have been amazing and I’m so fortunate to have shared them with you. Wherever you go from here, whatever islands you discover next, waddle on. 🐧❤️

-Joe Dermo (SGT Sparkles)

Sending all my love to you, penguin family! Thanks for sharing these special moments with me on Club Penguin Island – I won’t ever forget them. ❤️ Be strong. You are unstoppable. 🐧 #WaddleOn

-Sam Hewitt (Penny Pebbles)

Over 1,000 people worked on the Club Penguin product in its 13-year lifespan. Today the CP chapter closes — but the island will live in the community’s memory forever. Sincere thanks to Lance and Lane for giving over 1,000 of us the best jobs in the world! ❤️ 🐧

To the Club Penguin community — it’s because of you that over 1,000 people got to work on such a special product. Now it’s your turn. Let’s see what you can create! Apps, music, designs, stories, artwork — use your creativity and make something new!

-Chris Gliddon (Polo Field)

For those of you affected by the layoffs at Club Penguin: I remember when I first left, one of the weirdest parts was not having anywhere to go everyday. That feeling is why we built the Kelowna Innovation Centre as a place for you to come and figure it out. Let it be your place to come every morning while you figure out what’s next. We’ll keep the coffee warm.

-Lane Merrifield (Billybob)

What an amazing adventure. This little world has inspired a generation of children to explore, play and create. Club Penguin was never a game. It was a world, a community that happened to be penguins. I look forward to watching the penguins create new worlds.

-Lance Priebe (rsnail)

Thank you immensely for letting me waddle with you all. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this penguin family & I can’t wait to see you all stay creative. It’s not really the end – just a new beginning. Thank you. Merci. Obrigado. Gracias. 🖤🐧💙 #WaddleOn

-Amy Thiessen (Amykim)

Club Penguin was my first job in the tech/game industry and I learned a lot about myself, communties and how passionate they are the 8 years I was there. Also a lot of computer stuff! My heart goes out to my friends and others who were laid off. ❤️ #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

-Ebi Ember (Mmm Cookies)

For every 1 CPI staff you know, there are at least 5 people you don’t hear about and they deserve all of your love as well! CPI took a team! Goodnight, Club Penguin Island. Thanks to all who made and played our game. Been awesome to be a part of something so amazing. To all that are sad, which includes myself, remember that the Club Penguin spirit lives on in our hearts, memories and actions. Waddle on!

-Russell Horton (SheepVsGravity)

Kids inspired to become developers, or community managers, or in many cases, just to connect. Many neurodiverse kids breaking my heart by talking about finding a voice through our game. It was an honour.

-Alex Newcombe (NoFunAlex)

One final waddle on! Most talented and big hearted team I’ve ever known. If you see “Club Penguin” on an (application) profile, know that it’s a badge of honor…

-Chris Heatherly (Spike Hike)

Club Penguin was the best job I ever had. There was a period of a few golden years where even the stress was constructive and exciting, and I knew that I was part of something amazing. It’s sad to hear it’s shutting down for good. Love you, CP. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

-Chris Hendricks (Screenhog)

To all the penguins out there, the time has come to board the Migrator once more. Now we set sail not for a website or an app, but for the future. We’re all just trying to waddle along this big life thing. Be kind to yourselves, too. Waddle on my friends, and know that if you need help a penguin is never far away. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

-Nate Bolton (Boltzor)

I was really sad to hear about Club Penguin (shutdown) and my heart hurts for the team for getting let go, and for the players for having to say goodbye again so soon…I’m glad the team has such an amazing community to support them during this time. Thank you for being so amazing, waddle on!

-Bobbi Jean (Megg)

Forever grateful I got to be a penguin. Club Penguin taught me so much about community, teamwork & heart. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin  ❤️

 Deanna Kent (Deamama)

I’ve said this before, but Club Penguin has been such a wonderful journey. Without our amazing community, the lovely team and everyone else involved with the game, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Waddle on (forever this time) everyone!

-Connor (FrostyApten)

Hey Penguin Pals! I know you’re all ad, so I wanted to give you a reason to be proud. Here are the stats from CP’s former global citizenship leader: there are over 40+ Club Penguin primary school libraries in Africa & Asia; 50+ schools in South America, Asia, and Africa. 50+ playgrounds in the United States, Canada, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq still standing. Plus together we made a difference for 12 species of endangered animals and protected thousands of acres of forest along with so much more! This is all thanks to YOU and your dedication to Coins For Change and to the Club Penguin team who wanted to make a difference in the world.

-Liza (JusticePenguin)

Thinking of all our remaining penguins in Kelowna and beyond….big, huge hugs to you all! I’m proud we had an opportunity to make a difference in millions of kids lives. Club Penguin and our team were truly special. So many great memories and so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with everyone for a decade!

-Nicole Rustad

And then there were none…the final Production folks have hugged & cried & said good-bye. My laptop, keys & badge have been handed in…
Thank you for the most incredible 7 years. It has been an honour working with so many talented people. 💙🐧💙 #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

-Jenni (IslandQueen)

There’s one more thing which I’ve wanted to share: for the past few weeks, Jenni (IslandQueen) has been sharing some photos of the Club Penguin HQ and the talented team there. It’s really a beautiful building, and you may even find a face or two familiar!

It just shows that behind every little addition to the island was a team who really deeply cared so much about both the game and the community.

I’ve already written something with a little message to the Club Penguin team here, but to all those who contributed either to Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island or even just the mobile apps or other content: thank you for everything, the memories, experiences, fun, skills and so much more.

Waddle on, Club Penguin 🐧💙

-Torres 126

The Club Penguin Times #2 – Club Penguin Closing Down



Club Penguin is closing a major door in its history on March 29 2017. Many players have used the hashtag “#WithoutClubPenguin” to appreciate some of the many things which would never have been possible without our snowy island.

This is a sad edition to produce and pretty soon, The Club Penguin Times will only be fan-made here and not official in the real game. As much as I wish to stick to the new game, I must note that we have tipped the Iceberg and beneath it contains a special note, which I will share in this edition! We’ve got stories, a sad discussion, questions, articles and more!


How did we get here? How did we get from “The Big Update” in 2005 to aisles being filled with merchandise and membership sales booming to having an amazing community with an amazing team to this, a closing announcement?

Over the past few days, I’ve read how Club Penguin has helped so many people, from another staff member’s perspective to a player who was diagnosed with autism to so many more. The game hasn’t helped me directly (except for giving me something to use in presentations) but it has in so many ways but ways which are so hard to convey with a keyboard. It’s interesting though because I doubt I would really be interested in a keyboard if it wasn’t for Club Penguin.

As much as I would love to focus on the memories and what the game has done for me in this article, I can’t. As a blogger, it’s hard to describe the feeling when you know what you want to say but just can’t get it out. But have no doubt, this game does mean so much to me. Instead, I’d like to say that this is a major change in Club Penguin’s history. I am sad, even though I knew I predicted the game wouldn’t last until April.

This is very brief because there’s so much I want to say in the future (and I will), but now we must move on from the vine which we’re currently holding on to. Jump like Experimental Penguins to Penguin Chat, to Club Penguin and now to Club Penguin Island. Because staying on that vine is safe but there’s more too it. There’s more on this journey. And if you fall off, then the Club Penguin franchise really is over.

Billybob talked about how Club Penguin is never about standing still, it’s always part of the journey. This is the next part of a long journey, a journey that has lasted 18 years.


Many penguins are unable to move to Club Penguin Island and from what we’ve heard, The Penguin Band appears to be some of them! That leaves a pretty cool stage empty but fear not, you could be the band!

“One of my friends just decided to join a dozen other penguins on the Stage. There were lights, fire and confetti!”, said one penguin. “I saw a mixture of drums, keytars and guitars. Whilst I think it is a shame that The Penguin Band cannot play on this beautiful set, it’s awesome that we can”.

weekinreviewNo doubt the biggest news is the announcement of Club Penguin closing, with an enormous spike in traffic with YouTubers making final videos on the island and protesters complaining about the decision. However, there’s also a bit of other news we’ve posted throughout the week:



Admittedly, many bloggers have been relaxed on news and are planning to talk about Club Penguin closing. I am one of the people who has a lot planned before the game truly ends on March 29th and I request you read back frequently to find out what that is!


Q. What are your priorities for Club Penguin Island?


A. That’s a great question! There are two things which I would really like to see prioritised in Club Penguin Island.

The first of those are safety features. I think many of us who have played have seen inappropriate penguin names or due to the new filter, inappropriate chat from advertising to rude things that simply shouldn’t be on our island.

I don’t believe that the answer lies in making things more restrictive, though an Ultimate Safe Chat where you can only use and see the quick chat phrases is a necessity. That would eventually just lead to a filter like the one we have now but I would like to see that automatic filter removed when choosing a penguin name.

Instead, I’d prefer if we knew when a moderator dealt with our report to give us and parents a peace of mind. It could be as easy as a thank you at the top of your screen but when a moderator review your report, we ought to know!

toy-4My second priority is puffles because truthfully, they’re the face of the Club Penguin franchise. They should not be edited or changed whatsoever like the mascots have. I think they should remain cute and instantly recognisable, even to those who aren’t a fan like you and I.

Q. How did you think of the name, “Club Penguin Mountains”?


Thanks for sending in your question! This is something which I have discussed on the “About page in detail, but I’ll quickly summarise it now.

Formerly this blog was known as “Club Penguin Torres 126” but I just didn’t like that name. Its domain was too long and it just didn’t look right. It was nighttime and I was in bed in South Africa and decided that I wanted it to be “Club Penguin *noun*”. I’m not sure how I thought of “Mountains”, but the domain was available and I liked it so I just worked from there.


Q. Do you think Club Penguin Island can bring back the heyday activity of original Club Penguin?


A. Club Penguin Island reaching a peak of over a million users at once is something I just can’t imagine unfortunately. As for the accounts, I really don’t see how they can get over 300 million users again.

That being said, I do think that it will be successful enough to press on for years to come. I feel like it has lots of potential but that potential really needs to be fulfilled. The game is starting from scratch and the team can’t assume that just because they ran a game for 11 years that this will be successful.

It’s pretty hard to answer this question at such early stages, particularly when the game’s prediction was so inaccurate that they even added another country to geo-beta. However, I’ve got hope, particularly if we see some good advertising to attract old and new players! But hey, if my teacher has pre-registered, there’s a lot of hope!


Last weeks poll was “What would you want to see more of in the new game?” and the results are in!

  1. More features/things to do (50%)
  2. More areas (20%)
  3. More quests/adventures (15%)
  4. More levels with things to unlock (15%)

This week’s poll is on the future of Club Penguin. Many players have been asking one of the original three founders, Lance Priebe/Rocketsnail, if he could purchase the game and he has said it depends on the cost.

My question for you is do you think that there’s a future for official desktop Club Penguin after March 29th?

As much as I would love to say “yes” to this question, I personally don’t think that there is, but that’s why I wish to hear from you!



Edek2012 made this epic “Club Penguin Mountains” logo. Thank you!


This image from Saraapril is this week’s puzzle! See if you can find 12 construction penguins with hard hats on!



Please leave this page knowing this:

Together we can build an island, make a community, change the world…and even tip an iceberg. Waddle on.

-Torres 126

Club Penguin is Closing Down (Investigation with Evidence)

MAJOR UPDATEI say with no joy in my heart that this post is correct. Club Penguin will be closing down on March 29th 2017 and my prediction from over half a year ago remains strong. If you want to know why this is happening, read the third article of this post

Rumours have been circulating for many years about Club Penguin closing down. For a long time, there’s been no credible proof of them being true, until now. Today, Club Penguin Mountains is going to analyse the facts and the rumours to present the sad proof that Club Penguin is shutting down.

We have analysed some long-lost articles , the information given exclusively to us and more importantly, the information given by Spike Hike.

Continue reading